Josephine Winther


Jewellery has poetic and relational qualities. Reminding us of people, places and days in our lives, it connects us to each other and ourselves in gentle ways across a range of human contexts. The relational nature of jewellery and meaningful objects has always motivated me to make, talk and teach jewellery and other small objects.

As a maker, I believe that the joy of making can create the quintessence of a piece. There exists the potential to both think through making and find meaning through making and the piece can become an archive of the time in production. Being trained as a goldsmith, I have a long relationship with metal. When working with a piece I find myself in a dialogue: between the material, its malleability and finally the eloquence of the form and concept.

Material is always responding to the treatment that it is given and it reacts when the working process lacks the right sensibility. I love the awareness and presence it takes to work with metal, or with any material for that matter.


I am a trained goldsmith with a MA from Royal College of Art in London and my current post is Teaching Associate Professor at Kolding Design School.