Josephine Winther


As a jewelry artist, I take pleasure in various forms of jewelry. Each piece bear witness to the individuals who wear or have worn them, reflecting their aspirations, perspectives, and the lives they lead or have led.
Jewelry acts as transitional objects, which we form an intimate relationship with to help decipher the world and our place in it.
Jewelry, with its poetic and relational qualities, serves as a bridge between our past and present, evoking memories of people, places, and moments in our lives. It makes connections between us and is gently weaving a tapestry of human experiences across a myriad of contexts.

The relational aspect of jewelry and meaningful objects has always been the driving force behind my jewelry making journey. Crafting, conversing, and imparting knowledge about jewelry and other small objects is my passion. These tangible expressions of emotion and significance are, in essence, an extension of the human body, allowing us to carry with us the essence of our shared humanity.


I am a trained goldsmith with a MA from Royal College of Art in London.